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Jim & Betty Johnson
Topaz and Citrine are our Gems of the Month
Topaz and Citrine are November's Gems of the Month. Topaz is found in rich colors from blue to pink, yellow and "imperial" orange. It was prized by ancient Romans and Egyptians for its power to protect and heal. Citrine's warm colors are believed to be a gift from the sun and is also believed to have healing powers.
We Specialize in Jewelry Repair and Design
Whether it's a repair on your favorite everyday jewelry or a cherished family heirloom; or a custom "re-creation" of an old piece or all new design; the experienced staff at The Village Goldsmith will give every piece the care and attention it deserves. Learn more about our services.
Take Advantage of Our Monthly Specials
At The Village Goldsmith, we always offer the best value along with the highest quality. We never mark up our products to mark them down with phony "discounts." When you purchase from us, you're assured of getting true value every time.
View a Sample of Our Many Fine Pieces
When it comes to high quality, unique and one of a kind jewelry, we are the leaders in our area. Come in to browse our many fine pieces, featuring precious metals, diamonds and a huge selection of colored stones. Click here to view just some of our selection:
Under the Same Oak Tree Since 1994
The Village Goldsmith is a family owned jewelry business serving South Lake County from the same location and run by the same family for over 23 years. Our success has been based on treating your family the way we treat our own making shopping with us for jewelry and repair a tradition in our community. Learn more:
Layaway for the Holidays at the Village Goldsmith
It's time to use our conveneient Holiday Layaway
Make sure that special gift is available this Holiday Season by using our convenient Layaway service. The Holidays are rapidly approaching. Visit us now to find that perfect present and we'll have it waiting for you when you're ready. It's just one more of the ways we go the extra mile for our customers.